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Adas Polo

Delicious blend of lentil Cinnamon, onion, rosins Saffron and basmati rice.

Ash Reshteh

Traditional vegetarian soup with mixed beans, herbs And rice noodles, with mint, garlic herbs And fried onions, topped with Persian


A Persian stew with mixture Of lamb, chickpeas, with beans Onions, potatoes and tomato With turmeric and dried lime.

Ghalieh Mahi

Persian spicy fish And apically herb stew With basmati rice.

Kale Pacheh

Traditional Persian breakfast dish Served with fresh bread.

Lamb Shank With Baghali polo

A traditional Persian dish Marinated lamb shank Served over rice flavored with Dill, fava beans and basmati rice.

Shirin Polo

Chicken, almonds Pistachios, onion, herbs Saffron and basmati rice.

Zershk Polo

Chicken served with Barberries and pistachio With basmati rice.