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Mast O Moosir

Persian shallots with Yogurt.

Mirza Ghasemi

Grilled eggplant and tomato With garlic and egg.


Kashke Bademjan, Mast o khiar & Zeitoon.

Quail Kebab

Delicious Quail kebab With saffron and basmati Rice.

Salari Kebab

One skewers of juicy charbroiled ground beef and one skewer chicken leg with basmati rice and saffron.

Shirin Polo

Chicken, almonds Pistachios, onion, herbs Saffron and basmati rice.

Shishlik Kebab (6 Pieces)

one skewer boneless of selected pieces of french rack of lamb and tomato with basmati rice with saffron

Sultani Kebab

One skewer of charbroiled Seasoned fillet mignon veal And one skewer of juicy Charbroiled ground beef And saffron with Basmati

Super Taftan

One skewer of selected pieces of French rack of lamb and one skewer of juicy charbroiled ground beef (koobideh) and

Torsh Chicken Kebab

A skewer of chicken marinated with pomegranate paste walnuts and spices with basmati rice.

Torsh Kebab

A skewer of charbroiled veal Tenderloin marinated with Pomegranate paste, walnuts And spices with basmati rice.